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Tackling the cookie crumbs :)

If you're fortunate to have a Light + Nine Backpack clean-up is EASY.

Here are are some tips we found helpful:

  • If you have the student bag, remove all items and open flat
  • Use a vacuum to remove all small crumbs and dirt
  • Use a damp cloth to spot clean the inside
  • Spray and wipe the outer EVA material 
HACK: The Magic eraser works wonders. try it on the outer surface of your bag and on the nimix

Designed to protect your family

Recent times have been challenging and our bags are designed to help protect your family from the harmful germs and viruses that are changing our world.  Despite these challenges, kids will be kids, so let’s grant them the freedom to do what they do best... PLAY. CREATE. LEARN.

This is why all our bags are wipe‑clean, practical, and beautiful.

Light+Nine products are made from a rebound material (EVA/silicone) that can be sprayed down or wiped with any disinfectant. We recommend that you do this 2-3 times a week. It's really easy, so why not?!



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