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At Light+Nine, we're happy to help! Please read our frequently asked questions below.

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Ordering From Light+Nine
How do I cancel or change my order?
We understand that sometimes you need to change, add, or cancel your order. Please be advised that this is possible ONLY BEFORE your order is fulfilled. Once you get a shipping confirmation, we are unable to change your order. Please contact us with any questions and we will be happy to assist if we can.

Exception: During peak season (holiday, back to school etc.) we DO NOT guarantee any cancellation or change.

Can I add a gift note?
We are happy to add a gift note to your order. Please add it in the Note section at checkout or send us an email to with your order number and message. We will be happy to add it.
Using Promotional Offers
All promotions are valid on new orders only. We do not refund orders already placed prior to promo launch. Promotions are valid only for the time of offer. We will not honor any promos after the promotion period is over.

Our Nimix
What is the mechanism of nimix?
Nimix are designed exclusively to fit all Light+Nine products. Each nimix has two posts that fit perfectly into the perforated material of our bags. Nimix come with a screw back that is attached from the backside of the bag. Nimix were designed to easily attach and detach from your Light+Nine gear.
Are nimix removable and interchangeable?
Yes! Nimix were designed to play! Have fun to put your nimix on and replace them when you want. Trade with a friend or enjoy your nimix on a new bag from us!
Are nimix safe?
Nimix are made of safe and tested material. Be sure to keep the screw backs away from your little kids as they are a chocking hazard.
How are alphabets sold?
Each letter is sold separately and not as a full 26 letter set.
Can nimix be used on other products?
No, nimix will not fit or work with any other product other than Light+Nine.
Do I get replacement caps?
Each nimix has an extra set of caps in case you lose them.
Are nimix easy to attach?
Super easy! Nimix can be (and should be) designed and attached by kid. Please be sure to do so with adult supervision only, as the caps are a choking hazard.
Can I spell my full name with nimix?
Depending on the length of your name. To spell your full name we suggest to buy the medium letters. For large names you may want to opt for initials with the large white letters!

Our Bags
What is the temperature our bags can resist?
Our EVA bags can be worn in any weather. They can withstand extreme heat and color.
Are the bags waterproof?
The EVA material is easily wipeable. Most of our bags are lined and are therefore water-resistant. When carried in snow or rain, your contents will not get wet.
Are all bags lined?
Most of our bags are lined; but not all. Please check each item separately.
What is the weight of our bags?
Most of our bags weigh between ½ lb – 1 lb. Our bags feel weightless.

Care Information
How can I clean my bag or nimix?
Bags and nimix should be wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent. A magic eraser also works wonders and is safe to use on our bags outer surface and nimix.
Can I wash my bag in a washing machine?
We do not recommend washing any of our products in a washing machine.

Warranty Information
Is there a warranty on your products?
We are confident about the quality of our bags and accessories by providing a one-year warranty. The warranty is valid for one year, beginning on the date of purchase from Light+Nine or one of our authorized retailers. Please note: the warranty will be automatically void if the product is bought from an unauthorized or off-price retailer.
What is covered under warranty?
In the unlikely event of a material or manufacturing defect, we will replace the item at our discretion.

Photos of the bag (or item) and acceptable proof of purchase must accompany a warranty claim. Acceptable proof of purchase can be your order number, an online order confirmation from Light+Nine or another online retailer, or a physical store receipt.

Our warranty does not cover misuse, neglect, and accidents. Kindly note that general wear and tear, including but not limited to the reasonable breakdown of colors and materials over time, is not considered a material or manufacturing defect and is therefore not covered by our warranty.

How do I file a warranty claim?
1. Take photographs of the defect.

2. Submit the photos and acceptable proof of purchase to

Inspection of the photographs will take place to confirm whether the defect is covered by the warranty. Then, depending on the severity of the issue, we may provide you with a pre-paid label. We will ask that you send in your physical bag for assessment.

3. Once you’ve completed the warranty process, we will either send you a replacement (if still available) or issue you a credit in the form of a digital code for the monetary value of the item.

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