Let Our Nimix Color Your World

Let Our Nimix Color Your World

You got your Light+Nine bag, now what?

At Light+Nine we take great pride in empowering our kids and giving them the gift to be fully expressed. Let's learn how to create magic today by adding DIY NIMIX that will make (just a backpack) be an UBER COOL BACKPACK!

Have you ever dreamed of being an artist?

With NIMIX it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Our products feature small holes which allow you to personalize your bag.

  • Choose a space for your nimix and be creative.
  • Remove the two caps from the back of your Nimix and keep them safe!
  • Open the front pocket of your bag. Place the Nimix posts into 2 nearby holes, so the Nimix sits flat and secure. Your second hand can find these posts in the interior of your bag.
  • Reach inside your bag through the front pocket and screw back the caps onto the Nimix posts, to keep your charm secure.
All done.

 Now, Have fun! Trade and swap your Nimix to create unique looks and designs.
















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