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Sophy Electric Blue

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The sophy bag was designed to carry your shoes/boots or anything you want to carry to and from school. It's a versatile bag that matches with your school bag.

Customize Your Bag

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Wipe clean and easy to disinfect

One-year warranty

About The Product

The perfect way for kids to carry all their swim, beach and travel needs. This drawstring bag is SUPER light and cool. Chic is size, but packs more than you can imagine.

Product Features

+ Spacious interior
+ Easy drawstring closure
+ Unlined- air can easily circulate this bag so wet stuff does not get moldy and stinky.
+ Beach sand can easily escape through the bag holes


+ Size: 14" x 13" x 6.5"
+ Weight: Less than 1 Lb
+ Contents: Eva / Silicone
+ Recommended Age: 4+ yrs
+ Recommended Use: Shoe bag, swim bag, travel bag. 100% versatile.

Care Guide

Wipe clean with dampened cloth or sterilized wipe

What fits in our Sophy bags?

Main Compartment:

• Pair of clothing

• Towel

• Flip flops

• Lunch

• Water bottle


• Boots / shoes

Express Yourself

Children are born explorers, so let’s empower kids to explore the world through creative self‑expression! Our bags foster discovery moments so children can develop their own unique personalities and, in turn, they can navigate our world (in style).