If there's ever been a time for a change, it’s now. It’s true — recent events have prompted us to take stock, reflect and reprioritize. We want to find balance, make a change and pass-on the positivity through meaningful partnerships. That’s why we’re collaborating with YourMomCares.

Together, we want to support our local communities whilst reaching out to our global friends to nurture our kids’ mental wellness. After all, Light+Nine is all about self-expression and being true to yourself. Be as light as a cloud in the body and in the soul.

Join the Movement

Empowerment has always been part of the Light+Nine DNA and it’s how we reach our tribe. Our latest collaboration with YourMomCares encourages children to stand tall, raise their voice, and look after each other. We are rocking this positive thinking in true Light+Nine fashion, with full customization, care-free designs and bold colors.

YourMomCares is a non-profit organization started by celebrity and influencer moms to create and fund programs and solutions which have a direct impact on children’s mental health. We’d love your support!

15% of your entire purchase benefits YourMomCares when you purchase a YMC x L+N nimix set. Your kind investment will help fund creative solutions for kids’ mental wellness and you’ll become part of this feel-good movement.


The partnership came about when kids fashion photographer,

@emilykornya, messaged me about a collaboration opportunity.

My heart felt it right away that this was something I wanted to

explore. Why? As a mom of little ones myself, I know how important

our kids’ mental health is and how it impacts their future. And as a

brand whose core goal is to empower kids, and help them explore their

inner strengths there was so much synergy in both of our missions.



At Light+Nine, we understand how children can carry a lot of weight on their shoulders. It doesn’t need to be this way! So, let’s do what we can to help.

YourMomCares uses long-term partnerships and proactive initiatives to help remove the stigma surrounding kids’ mental health. They achieve this by creating and funding innovative, cutting-edge programs and solutions which have a direct impact on children and adolescents.

Although Light+Nine and YourMomCares are not service-provider organizations or medical institutions, we believe that all families should have access to help. Please visit yourmomcares.org for top resources for individuals who may need mental wellness support.