Customizable Backpack for Kids

The #1 Lightweight,
Customizable Backpack for Kids


Delightfully light children’s accessories:

Light+Nine is the brainchild of one innovative mom. Research has proven that heavyweight backpacks are responsible for poor posture. On a mission to change that, an entire realm of featherweight bags were designed for children to wear, explore and customize. Innovation wasn’t just the first step of the brand process. It’s part of every child’s self adorned Light+Nine experience, where the team encourages young minds to think bigger and young backs to stand taller.

Ever wanted to be on cloud nine? Light+Nine has made cotton candy clouds pale in comparison to the sweet designs and ergonomic bags that make wearable s playful. Featuring an expanded line of slides, purses, clutches and cosmetic pouches, they truly want to be where every prince or princess goes. No matter which contents they fill their products with, they’re guaranteed to be filled with super cool fun and super light vibes. Now available in colorblock comfy slides, Light+Nine’s newest product line has bigger shoes to fill.

Light+Nine products are designed in the USA, encouraging aspiring artists to sketch playful icons which are featured on nimicks that safely attach to backpacks, duffels and caps. 100% safe for children, all products are weatherproof, wipe clean and weightless.

Locally sourced art. Mirroring the inner child, it’s about bringing the creme de la creme of local artistry to global fashion.

XOXO. With love from NY. Display you child’s passions with the essence of all things light and predominantly unique.

Prickly temperaments too. Teach them to grow and speak openly of tantrums, but let them express  their prickly side with cactus greens.

As personal as it gets. Spell the full name, the initial or that special message with bold alphabet nimicks.




Made from an EVA /Silicone compound, our products are light as a feather. (quite literally:)


The epitome of design, our stylish and highly- fashionable products will make you the envy of them all.


We know all about overflowing bags and totes...  Trendy meets functionality with fun compartments and lots of space!